New York Island (Poster)
Pittsburgh Island (Poster)
Peter Pan (Book Cover)
Boggis, Bunce & Bean (Label)
Foster the People (Gig Poster)
Phillip Phillips (Poster)
NAKYOUOUT.COM (Promotional Sticker)
Nothing but Human
Hollywood Undead (Poster)
Greeting Cards
Onyx (Pokemon #95)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Poster)
Gorilla (Character Design)
Dean Martin (Poster)
Red Gyarados (Painting)
Fantastic Mr.Fox (Poster)
Blood on the Dance Floor (Poster)
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (Poster)
Kickboxing (Tee Shirt)
The Phantom Tollbooth Lethargians
Pittsburgh Pirates (Commemorative Poster)
Character Designs
Various Mediums
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